Integral solution
for the production of precast concrete

Our  team of engineers and technicians HORPRE, SA analyzes, designs and directs the manufacturing and installation of the concrete plants, block machines and palletizing systems most appropriate to meet the technical requirements, productivity and budgets of customers.

The materials and technological means used in the manufacture of our products are of the highest quality, which directly affects levels of performance and durability that produce the maximum return on investment for our clients.

BLOCK MACHINES. Mobile block making machines for the concrete precast

HORPRE fully automated mobile block machines are fitted with a single metallic sliding plate, on which the entire production process takes place thus making the blocks free of any adherence to the surface of the floor.     


HORPRE designs, manufactures and implements turnkey projects, concrete plants capable of producing from 5 m3/h to 200 m3/h of vibrated concrete.


HORPRE palletizers provides automatic hydraulic clamps that streamline the palletizing process and collection of concrete blocks.