Mobile block making machine



HORPRE manufactures mobile concrete block making machines for the production of concrete blocks, hollow blocks, curbs, pavers, wall blocks, insulation blocks, manholes, gutters and other types of precast concrete.

Our mobile block machines are characterized for its sliding plate on which the production process takes place,

thus only utilizing the floor for the actual curing process leaving the elements perfectly finished. All the mobile block making machines produced by Horpre S.A are characterized for having a sliding steel plate inside the machine which is where the compaction of the precast elements takes place (not on the floor). The floor is only used for placing the precast elements after the production process has been completed thus ensuring a perfect finish and quality. his system has been designed to provide uniformity and strength precision concrete elements that are free of any adherence to the floor thereby enabling the automation of the collecting and palletizing process.


HORPRE manufactures and markets two types of block making machines, each in its class offering outstanding performance and reliability, durability, production capacity / cycle, processing speed and quality of elements produced:

  • Mobile press machine: fully automatic works without operator, up to 1500 pieces/hour.