is a company dedicated to the manufacture of precast concrete machinery.

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It is located in Archena (Murcia-SPAIN) and was established as a company in 1984 with the endorsement of the experience of its founders in the precast industry.

With the  growth of the company and advancement of technology, new products were introduced which was when the fully automatic  mobile machines were designed for the manufacture of blocks, slabs, curbs and pavers.

Our most reputed machine is the HORPRE NOVA-51 which is a fully automated block machine producing on a steel sliding plate. It was introduced in the market for the first time in 1990 and it now incorporates the latest technology to get the best production possible.

Furthermore we offer a wide range of products targeted at the concrete industry, among which we include fully automated concrete batching plants, planetary mixers, double shaft conveyors, feeders for aggregate, cement and additives, machinery for manufacture of pipes, semiautomatic mobile block machines HORPRE PT-51, moulds and accessories for all types of precast concrete.